How to prepare for an all you can eat buffet

Heading to an all you can eat buffet is exciting – there’s just so much food available to you and you can try it all! However, you don’t want to end up not making the most out of your experience. This is where preparation is key…

Can you prepare for an all you eat buffet?

As strange as it sounds, you should prepare in advance for an all you can eat buffet in order to get the most out of the experience and enjoy the tasty food fully. So, here are some top tips so you can ace your next buffet visit!

Eat a light breakfast or lunch before the buffet 

You might think that attending an all you can eat buffet on an empty stomach is the right idea but it’ll actually prevent you from eating as much. When you don’t eat for a while, your stomach shrinks, meaning you feel full after eating less. So, always eat a light meal beforehand to prepare your stomach for the buffet feast!

Drink plenty of water beforehand 

It’s never a bad idea to stay hydrated and sipping on water throughout the day before your buffet can actually help you eat more and process the food better. Water can help to stretch your stomach and enable you to eat more, which is very much needed at an all you can eat buffet. All of that delicious food needs to go somewhere, which is why being hydrated is key, it helps to break down food and aids digestion.

Avoid sugary sweets before your buffet 

As tempting as it is to snack on a couple of sugary sweets, it’s not worth it as it’ll ruin your appetite – your mother was right! Sugary sweets will cause you to crave more sweet foods, meaning all of the delicious dishes on offer at a buffet won’t be fulfilling. Your appetite will be diminished and your all you can eat buffet won’t be as enjoyable. 

Keep active throughout the day

If you want to enjoy all of the tasty dishes on offer at an all you can eat buffet, then you’ll want to burn some calories beforehand so that you can eat them back without feeling full too quickly! Try to keep active or fit in a gym session before your big buffet. Not only is this good for your body but will also kickstart your metabolism, meaning you’ll be more ready than ever to chow down. 

Take small portions of each dish 

Whilst it might be tempting to load up on your one favourite dish, the whole idea of all you can eat buffet dishes is to sample new flavours. Filling your plate with a little bit of everything will keep things exciting and prevent you from filling up on pasta before sampling the delicious Chinese, Indian and European flavours! It also gives you the chance to figure out which dishes you enjoy most, so you can go back for seconds (and thirds) of your favourite flavours. This is the real way to get the most out of your buffet experience. 

Don’t eat too fast!

Having such large amounts of food on offer can trigger some people to try and eat as much as possible as quickly as possible. This isn’t the best approach as not only will you not take the time to actually taste and enjoy the food you’re eating but you could also end up overeating and making yourself feel sick. This can ruin the buffet experience. Instead, take your time to enjoy all of the delicious flavours, before going back for more! 

All you can eat buffets are designed to be enjoyed with friends and family. Focus on trying new dishes, relishing old favourites and enjoying the great company, that way, you’ll definitely get the most out of the experience!

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