Where to eat in Nottingham

Nottingham has given the world such culinary delights as HP sauce, Stilton cheese and Bramley apples and today the food scene in Nottingham continues to innovate and thrive.

From high-end restaurants to artisan coffee houses, sourdough bakeries, trendy pop-ups and street food, Nottingham offers a wealth of eateries and local produce.

Where to eat in Nottingham for the best tapas

Baresca is the place to go if you are craving some tapas and sangria. You can ‘do vermouth’ and then enjoy a large range of sharing bowls with Catalan flatbreads. Choose from Spanish cured meats and cheeses, smoked haddock, cauliflower and chilli gratin, or mackerel escabeche and halloumi fritters with lime mayonnaise.

It wouldn’t be tapas without some sangria and there are a variety of sangria recipes available including the traditional red wine and orange. The variations include berry sangria, apple and elderflower sangria, tropical sangria or raspberry and limoncello sangria.

The decor inside this restaurant is warm and rustic with mosaic tiles and low hanging lights. At the weekend Baresca brings a dose of latin energy to Nottingham – the cellar bar is lively with DJs and bands so that you can enjoy music with your drinks.

Where to eat in Nottingham for a culinary experience

Restaurant Sat Bains was just one of two Nottingham restaurants featured in the 2019 Good Food Guide. The two Michelin-starred restaurant took the fourth position for the second year in a row.

Food writer and critic Tom Parker Bowles even said that the food is so astonishingly brilliant at Sat Bains that they deserve three Michelin stars.

Despite these accolades, the restaurant remains unpretentious. In fact this restaurant’s down-to-earth appeal is highlighted in its surprising location under Clifton Boulevard – an industrial area.

The tasting menus offers a spectacular seven courses or ten courses and will not disappoint.

Where to eat in Nottingham for teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine based around an open iron cooktop where food is grilled in front of the customers as a performance using the highest  quality ingredients.

COSMO Nottingham brings this food theatre to the UK for everyone to enjoy. At COSMO Nottingham teppanyaki experts will grill your food in front of you – from steaks to fresh seafood – at an affordable, all-inclusive price as part of our all-you-can-eat world buffet.

Not only will you have fresh food cooked to perfection, but the sight of the flames and the skilled teppanyaki chefs are thrilling to watch – a feast for all your senses. This is not only a fun experience for a romantic date, but also to entertain children.

Where to eat in Nottingham if you love a dessert

The Pudding Pantry has the most delectable pudding menu. From comforting favourites like apple crumple, Mississippi mud pie and caramelised banana sticky toffee pudding to salted caramel and cheesecake brownies – even the sweetest tooth will be satisfied.

There are also freakshakes (indulgent, oversized milkshakes) in flavours such as s’mores and Eton messy. Then there are adult-shakes with a drop of something stronger in them, such as Cointreau and chocolate or Irish coffee and salted caramel.

There is of course a savory menu too, with delicious savoury pancakes and brunches – but if you want to eat pudding here first, no-one will bat an eyelid.

Where to eat in Nottingham if you want a burger with a difference

Annie’s Burger Shack is a family-friendly burger restaurant with a twist. This US-style joint gives the burgers with some seemingly crazy ingredients – but they work.

How about raspberry jam, grilled pineapple, peanut butter or sauerkraut in your burger?

With names like ‘The Deathray’, ‘The Elvis’ and ‘The Malibu Surf and Turf’ these burgers have character!

The burgers are big, messy and overflowing with delicious flavours.

Where to eat in Nottingham if you want to sip a cocktail

Hockley Arts Club is a richly decorated mix of neon lights, artwork and old fashioned Victorian lampshades providing warm, atmospheric lighting and eclectic, Instagram-worthy looks. The interior reflects a trendy Shoreditch members’ club, but this establishment is open to all. The wacky cocktails are the speciality, with an award winning head barman.

The food will soak up the cocktails nicely with substantial comfort food like fillet steak with fondant potato, mushroom ketchup and red wine sauce and lamb rump with sweet and sour carrots and confit potatoes.