Where to eat in Nottingham

Nottingham has given the world such culinary delights as HP sauce, Stilton cheese and Bramley apples and today the food scene in Nottingham continues to innovate and thrive.

From high-end restaurants to artisan coffee houses, sourdough bakeries, trendy pop-ups and street food, Nottingham offers a wealth of eateries and local produce.

Where to eat in Nottingham for the best tapas

Baresca is the place to go if you are craving some tapas and sangria. You can ‘do vermouth’ and then enjoy a large range of sharing bowls with Catalan flatbreads. Choose from Spanish cured meats and cheeses, smoked haddock, cauliflower and chilli gratin, or mackerel escabeche and halloumi fritters with lime mayonnaise.

It wouldn’t be tapas without some sangria and there are a variety of sangria recipes available including the traditional red wine and orange. The variations include berry sangria, apple and elderflower sangria, tropical sangria or raspberry and limoncello sangria.

The decor inside this restaurant is warm and rustic with mosaic tiles and low hanging lights. At the weekend Baresca brings a dose of latin energy to Nottingham – the cellar bar is lively with DJs and bands so that you can enjoy music with your drinks.

Where to eat in Nottingham for a culinary experience

Restaurant Sat Bains was just one of two Nottingham restaurants featured in the 2019 Good Food Guide. The two Michelin-starred restaurant took the fourth position for the second year in a row.

Food writer and critic Tom Parker Bowles even said that the food is so astonishingly brilliant at Sat Bains that they deserve three Michelin stars.

Despite these accolades, the restaurant remains unpretentious. In fact this restaurant’s down-to-earth appeal is highlighted in its surprising location under Clifton Boulevard – an industrial area.

The tasting menus offers a spectacular seven courses or ten courses and will not disappoint.

Where to eat in Nottingham for teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine based around an open iron cooktop where food is grilled in front of the customers as a performance using the highest  quality ingredients.

COSMO Nottingham brings this food theatre to the UK for everyone to enjoy. At COSMO Nottingham teppanyaki experts will grill your food in front of you – from steaks to fresh seafood – at an affordable, all-inclusive price as part of our all you can eat world buffet.

Not only will you have fresh food cooked to perfection, but the sight of the flames and the skilled teppanyaki chefs are thrilling to watch – a feast for all your senses. This is not only a fun experience for a romantic date, but also to entertain children.

Where to eat in Nottingham if you love a dessert

The Pudding Pantry has the most delectable pudding menu. From comforting favourites like apple crumple, Mississippi mud pie and caramelised banana sticky toffee pudding to salted caramel and cheesecake brownies – even the sweetest tooth will be satisfied.

There are also freakshakes (indulgent, oversized milkshakes) in flavours such as s’mores and Eton messy. Then there are adult-shakes with a drop of something stronger in them, such as Cointreau and chocolate or Irish coffee and salted caramel.

There is of course a savory menu too, with delicious savoury pancakes and brunches – but if you want to eat pudding here first, no-one will bat an eyelid.

Where to eat in Nottingham if you want a burger with a difference

Annie’s Burger Shack is a family-friendly burger restaurant with a twist. This US-style joint gives the burgers with some seemingly crazy ingredients – but they work.

How about raspberry jam, grilled pineapple, peanut butter or sauerkraut in your burger?

With names like ‘The Deathray’, ‘The Elvis’ and ‘The Malibu Surf and Turf’ these burgers have character!

The burgers are big, messy and overflowing with delicious flavours.

Where to eat in Nottingham if you want to sip a cocktail

Hockley Arts Club is a richly decorated mix of neon lights, artwork and old fashioned Victorian lampshades providing warm, atmospheric lighting and eclectic, Instagram-worthy looks. The interior reflects a trendy Shoreditch members’ club, but this establishment is open to all. The wacky cocktails are the speciality, with an award winning head barman.

The food will soak up the cocktails nicely with substantial comfort food like fillet steak with fondant potato, mushroom ketchup and red wine sauce and lamb rump with sweet and sour carrots and confit potatoes.

Where to eat in Norwich

Whether you’re new to the city or you’re familiar to the food scene, if you’re looking for the best places to eat in Norwich we’ve shared some of our favourites which should not be missed.

Where to eat in Norwich if you’re a coffee lover

If you’re a coffee fanatic visiting Norwich, there is no better place to stop than Strangers Coffee House.

This tiny cafe in the heart of the city sells ethically sourced coffee from Costa Rica, Rwanda, Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia and Guatemala and if you find a blend you love, you can buy a bag to take home with you.

Brunch lovers will love the cafe’s array of fresh pastries and Strangers is also a good place for a light lunch, serving a selection of rocket-garnished sandwiches and paninis, smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels and succulent cakes. It’s very small so if you’d like a table, be prepared to get there early.

The main cafe is located at 21 Pottergate, but if you’d like to see where the beans are roasted and ground (or you just can’t face the queue), Strangers Coffee Roasters is just around the block at 10 Dove Street. You can buy takeaway coffee from the roasters, making it the perfect pit stop.

Where to eat in Norwich if you fancy fish and chips

The Grosvenor Fish Bar is legendary in and around Norwich for being the best chippy in the city. Serving delicious chips with everything from classic cod to mackerel, sea bass, squid and salmon, fish lovers will be delighted by what’s on offer.

Although the Grosvenor is a takeaway, you also have the option of eating in an underground room – known as ‘the bunker’ – which is located directly underneath the main shop. The decor is part rustic cabin, part WW2 bomb shelter and can be booked for large parties.

If you’d like to eat your meal above ground level, the Grosvenor also has a deal with the Birdcage, an esteemed Norwich cocktail bar which is located opposite. Place your order and pop across the street for one the best cocktails in the city (or two, or three – it’s a slippery slope at the Birdcage!)  while you wait. They’ll even deliver your food to you.

Where to eat in Norwich if you love afternoon tea

Biddy’s Tea Room is quite possibly the quirkiest afternoon tea parlour you’ll ever set foot in. Make sure that you do set foot in it – a visit to Norwich isn’t complete without a trip to Biddy’s.

Vintage lovers will no doubt appreciate the tea shop’s top to bottom 1950s decor, the highlight of which is the iconic taxidermy fox dressed in a top hat and tails that waits in the window to greet you.

Once you’re inside, choose from any one of a dozen different afternoon tea menus and sample quintessentially English delights such as pork pies, pate, cheese and crusty rolls, all accompanied by homemade chutneys and one of more than 50 different blends of tea.

All of the cakes at Biddy’s are superb, but cream tea traditionalists will enjoy freshly baked scones with local jam, clotted cream and lemon curd alongside the county’s signature tea, an Earl Grey blend known as Norfolk Lavender. Book to avoid disappointment!

Where to eat in Norwich if you’d like an authentic curry

Those who think that vegetarian food is boring are in for a revelation. Namaste is one of the best curry houses in Norfolk and there’s not a trace of meat in sight.

Known for its deliciously spiced curries, Namaste is the perfect place for any curry lover, whether they’re veggie or not. Everything they serve is aromatic, fragrant and delectable.

The restaurant is conveniently located on Opie Street in the centre of town – drop in for a dinner you won’t soon forget. In classic Norwich style, it’s BYOB.

If you’re a committed carnivore or looking for a more varied selection of Asian foods, you could also pay a visit to COSMO Norwich. This authentic world kitchen takes the all you can eat world buffet concept to a new level, with live cooking stations where you can watch expert chefs at work.

Enjoy teppanyaki dishes from Japan or a carvery with all the trimmings. It’s food theatre – and as it costs just £7.99 for lunch, there’s no excuse not to pay COSMO a call.

Where to eat in Oxford

The historic city of Oxford offers a unique mixture of heritage and hospitality, with restaurants in the city sure to suit any taste and budget.

If you’re spoilt for choice or you’re looking for somewhere new to visit in the ‘city of dreaming spires’, check out our guide to where to eat in Oxford.

Where to eat in Oxford if you’re a coffee connoisseur

Renowned for serving the best coffee in Oxford, The Missing Bean deserves its reputation. The coffee is both reasonably priced and showstopping and the iconic role the cafe plays in Oxford’s coffee scene is not to be underestimated.

The menu offers is simple, classic cafe food which is very well executed, with bagels and toasted sandwiches on delicious bread and a selection of cakes and pastries to follow. Make sure you sample the chocolate and lavender cake – it’s truly amazing.

The atmosphere in The Missing Bean is as good as the coffee and pastries. Baristas are friendly, highly knowledgeable about coffee and always ready to chat. The downside of this, of course, is that you might struggle to find a table!

Where to eat in Oxford for an authentic Thai

For some of the best Thai food outside Thailand, Oli’s Thai is the place to go. The restaurant exploded in popularity after Guardian food critic Tony Naylor’s review, which urged readers to pay a visit to Oli’s ‘even if you have to crawl over broken glass to get there. High praise, but in this case it’s justified as the food at Oli’s Thai is wonderful.

This authentic restaurant is located in the student district on Cowley Road and its prices reflect that – as Naylor proved, you can eat for less than £10 – but this is one restaurant where it’s truly worth splashing out a little.

Oli’s Thai is a must for anyone who loves South East Asian cuisine. You will need to book a while in advance but trust us, it’s worth the wait.

Where to eat in Oxford if you want breakfast

The name says it all. Whether you want to set yourself up for the day or just recover from last night, The Breakfast Club is the perfect place and its quirky decor is just as pleasing on the eye as its extensive brunch menu is to the taste buds.

Visitors are spoilt for choice – order a traditional full English, berry maple pancakes or go choose the ever-popular smashed avocado on rye. Vegetarians will be spoilt for choice, with dishes including butternut squash and asparagus omelettes and halloumi rocket wraps, plus the all-out veggie English breakfast.

Backseat Becky’s – a cocktail bar tucked away at the back of The Breakfast Club – is a must if you like your brunch with a drink.                                                                                   

Where to eat in Oxford if you want classic student food

Student food doesn’t get any better than this. Located on the Cowley Road, Big Society is a student’s paradise, with pulled pork, wings, burgers, hot dogs plus delicious Philly cheesesteaks, all cooked and dressed to perfection.

If you’re looking for something to wash this all down with (and we don’t blame you!) there’s an ample selection of craft beers and pale ales. All too often house ales are a disappointment, but Big Society’s are a treat – locally sourced and pleasantly dry.

The vibe is relaxed and the decor London-inspired – expect bunting, suspended bulbs and high-gloss white tiling which gives Big Society an urban feel. You could almost be in Shoreditch.

Where to eat in Oxford if you just can’t decide

Whether you’re a parent with a family of picky kids or out with a group of friends who can’t make their minds up, it can be tricky finding a restaurant that suits everyone without leaving you all out of pocket.

Lovers of authentic cuisine can enjoy a veritable feast at COSMO Oxford’s all you can eat world buffet. The menu boasts 150 dishes, from a classic English roasts to delicate sushi, all cooked by expert chefs.

A selection from the tasting kitchen is the ideal way to sample tapas-sized portions of all the main dishes – the best way to try all that the restaurant has to offer.

At COSMO you really can please everyone’s palate at an affordable price – just £8.50 for lunch on weekdays and half-price for kids under 150cm tall. If you’d like to eat well without breaking the bank, this is the place for you.

Where to eat in Bristol

There are restaurants, cafes and bars aplenty in Bristol, with something sure to suit every taste and every budget. If you’re new to the city or simply want to try something new, check out some of our favourite places to eat in Bristol.

Where to eat in Bristol for an authentic Mediterranean brunch

The Mediterranean Souk Kitchen is famous for having one of Bristol’s quirkiest brunch menus. Vegetarians and meat eaters alike will be delighted by their signature dish of shakshuka – eggs poached in a delicious spicy tomato sauce with onions and peppers.

There are plenty of other choices too – the menu is a well-curated selection of treats, with veggie and seafood options, including grilled Cornish sardines and mackerel and even the traditional full English with a Mediterranean twist.

No Souk Kitchen brunch would be complete without trying their astonishing speciality drink, the harissa Bloody Mary. There’s no excuse not to – a virgin version is available for non-drinkers and it’s every bit as delicious.

Where to eat in Bristol for succulent seafood

Elegant and distinguished, the Wallfish Bistro is an absolute must for seafood lovers visiting Bristol.

The Wallfish’s nibbles menu alone consists of four different varieties of oyster, served steamed, baked, fried, grilled and of course raw on the half shell, alongside dishes of radishes and the finest Sicilian nocellara olives.

Lunch at the Wallfish Bistro may be a little more costly than a few alternatives, but it’s worth it for freshly-caught lobster, squid and ray, flawlessly cooked and dressed with a glass of Kir on the side.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, choose from a selection of decadent desserts including roast peaches with amaretto, platters of local cheese and scoops of homemade ice cream.

Where to eat in Bristol for artisan wine with your meal                                                                                                          

With its wooden floors and minimalist decor, Bar Buvette offers guests a truly Parisian feel despite its location less than a block from the River Avon.

This stylish bistro serves only biodynamic organic wines from a carefully curated selection of artisan producers, many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the UK.

Sample marinated artichokes, braised cuttlefish and a whole range of delectable cheeses and charcuterie, accompanied by jams made from owner Peter Taylor’s French orchard and sourdough from a local bakery. It’s an exquisite tapas-style dining experience.

If you’ve still got room after sampling all that Bar Buvette has to offer, round things off with a superb custard tart. You won’t regret it.

Where to eat in Bristol for Chinese food

Chefs prepare food from all eight regions of China and serve them in an all you can eat buffet format at COSMO Bristol, which earned the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2018.

COSMO offers food from a variety of cuisines from Japanese teppanyaki to a classic carvery, so guests who’d prefer to sample food from other countries will also be satisfied. If you really can’t make your mind up you can also try a multitude of dishes served in tiny portions from the tasting kitchen.

The buffet consists of metres of dishes and desserts as well as a full bar so you can enjoy a variety of alcoholic drinks and bottomless soft drinks alongside your meal. As if the spectacle of all that food wasn’t enough by itself, COSMO has live cooking stations so you can enjoy the spectacle of watching the experts at work.

Where to eat in Bristol if you’re vegetarian or vegan

Cafe Ronak is a delight. The cosy atmosphere of this family-run independent cafe is enough to make any guest stay for one more coffee, which is Ethiopian, fairtrade and sourced from Wogan Coffee, one of the most eminent artisan coffee importers in Bristol.

The cafe is equally good for all day breakfasts, brunches and lunches. It specialises in meze, including baba ganoush, falafels and homemade hummus, served alongside delicious salads. If you’re not a coffee fan, sample one of Cafe Ronak’s lovely fresh smoothies alongside your meal.

The cafe’s interior is rustic and if you visit in the summertime you can enjoy your food and drinks outside in a charming courtyard behind the cafe.


Where to eat in Manchester

Where to eat in Manchester for a touch of glamour

If you want a sophisticated evening out, then reserve a table at the renowned Australasia.

The striking glass prism shaped entrance leads down to a modern white, glossy interior with elegant driftwood arrangements.

The Australian food is as good-looking as the surroundings, combining European cooking traditions with Southeast Asian, Japanese and Indonesian food. Choose from small sharing plates or large plates like Chilean sea bass, Toban jang chicken breast or pot roasted lobster.

The desserts are extraordinary with candied ginger cheesecake and popcorn with peanut butter ice cream or coconut panna cotta with sesame and poppy seed tuile, all with perfect drink pairings. Understandably, the dessert menu will be hard to choose from so why not choose a bento box sharing selection with tasters of each?

The drinks list itself is vast with sake, Asian-inspired concoctions and fabulous cocktails to choose from.

Where to eat in Manchester if you want to spot a celebrity

A famous owner will always create a certain star attraction around a restaurant and ex-footballer Rio Ferdinand’s Rosso is no exception.

This grand venue is known for its famous clientele, hosting many Manchester United team parties over the years. The interior is rather imposing with celebrity pictures adorning the walls and classical features such as marble columns and a central dome on the ceiling.

The menu is varied, offering many classic Italian favourites. Rosso also has a ‘bambini menu’ with a wide selection of wholesome dishes for children.

This is a restaurant that might welcome celebrity guests, but stays true to its Northern roots and remains welcoming and unpretentious with a focus on high quality food for everyone.

Where to eat in Manchester if you are on a student budget

Dining out can put a strain on your finances, especially on a tight student budget. It’s hard when you are tempted into a restaurant only to discover that it costs the equivalent of your entire weekly food budget, without getting much food on your plate!).

However, everyone deserves a treat, especially when beans on toast becomes a bit monotonous. Luckily, COSMO Manchester comes to the rescue with a high quality and affordable dining experience. If you and your fellow students have a big appetite after lectures or before a night out, there is no better place to head than COSMO Manchester.  

With the new £1 million interior you will be dining in glamorous surroundings. The restaurant offers a global buffet menu of 160 dishes including Chinese, Indian, Japanese and a carvery so there will be something there for everyone. There is also an array of desserts in bite sized portions so you can try each one.

If you choose to go to COSMO for lunch, the bonus is that with so much delicious food on offer you may only need a light snack in the evening at home.

Look out for special student offers and you could get even more value for your money.

Where to eat in Manchester for the best Yorkshire steak

The reviews crowning Hawksmoor the king of steaks are reason enough to visit this powerhouse. The bold, dignified interior reflects the self-assured attitude of this restaurant with wooden flooring and wall panels alongside 1950s lights.

The mouth-watering steaks are signature dishes, using Yorkshire meat ‘dry aged’ for at least 28 days. There is also a selection of sauces on offer for your steak such as anchovy, stilton or classic peppercorn.

Sides include classic triple cooked homemade chips and delicious ‘dripping’ chips. For the ultimate comfort food you can even have a side of macaroni cheese.

For dessert you can choose the tongue-in-cheek ‘Ambassador’s Reception’ – a nod to the 1980s Ferrero Rocher advert – or you can opt for a traditional favourite like sticky toffee pudding.

Where to eat in Manchester if you want an authentic curry

Indian food restaurant Mughli is one of the city’s most popular restaurants with food bloggers and critics alike talking about it.

It manages to stand out from the crowd in the famous Rusholme Curry Mile. In fact, Mughli remains ahead – by a Curry Mile! – with the focus on Indian street food in sharing plates along with all the usual favourites.

India is of course a vibrant sub-continent with a huge variety of traditions, spices, ingredients and different ways of cooking. Choose from Kati rolls from Kolkata, starters from Delhi and snacks from Lahore and Shimla.

You can also choose from Indian inspired ‘twisted cocktails’ to add to a fun evening out.

For an Indian dining experience that appeals to diners of all tastes, ages and budgets, COSMO’s Indian selection should not be missed.

Where to eat in Manchester without derailing your diet

Kettlebell Kitchen specialises in high-protein, low-carb meals for anyone that wants to dine out but not break their fitness routine or healthy diet. Kettlebell proves that fast food doesn’t have to be junk food.

The food is so delicious it still feels like a treat to eat here. The menu features dishes such gluten free protein pizza, protein burgers in low-carb buns and mix-and-match ‘Kettleboxes’ where you can choose fish, lean meat, halloumi or tofu on a bed of sweet potato mash, cauliflower rice or others.

Where to eat in Glasgow

Where to eat in Glasgow for traditional Scottish food

Restaurants in Glasgow have been updating traditional Scottish dishes and giving them a modern twist. Offering the best in Scottish fare, you can also sample the vast array of rich produce the Scottish countryside provides.

Cail Bruich is located in the West End of Glasgow and offers modern Scottish food created using fresh and seasonal British produce. The suppliers – including Loch Fyne Sea Farms and St Brides Farm –  are proudly listed on the Cail Bruich website,, so you know exactly where the food on your plate comes from.

Due to their faithfulness to the best fresh produce, the dishes on the menu evolve with the changing seasons and supplies. You can expect dishes such as west coast scallops and wonderful taste combinations such as lamb saddle with goat curd, plus rabbit with asparagus or flame grilled mackerel with gooseberry.

You can also pair this high quality Scottish food with Scottish spirits and craft ales to add to your dining experience.

Where to eat in Glasgow for fine dining

If you want to eat out for a decadent special occasion, veteran chef Brian Maule at Chardon d’Or won’t disappoint with every detail thought of and perfected – from precise white tablecloths to the exquisitely presented food.

There is a special mouth-watering celebration menu which includes seared peppered tuna loin, pickled mouli, chilli, sesame, tomato vinaigrette and loin of scotch lamb, truffled polenta and aubergine caviar.

They also do a special graduation menu for students graduating from the University of Glasgow wanting to celebrate with their family. This menu includes pot roast scotch beef, wild mushrooms and red wine jus and can be finished with a selection of homemade ice cream and sorbet for dessert.

Where to eat in Glasgow with the family

Glasgow is a mecca of food from all over the world, ranging from Indian to Japanese and Italian. For this reason it can be difficult to decide where to eat as a family. It is common to have different preferences in a family group – the kids might have their hearts set on pizza and ice cream (again), while you may prefer to to stick to a healthy diet with sushi and salad, or a traditional roast dinner at the weekend.

Thankfully, COSMO Glasgow comes to the rescue with an all you can eat buffet menu featuring over 160 dishes from all over the world. Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese or a carvery, it’s all on offer here, so no one in the family has to compromise.

The family can also be entertained while they eat at the live cooking stations as the highly trained teppanyaki chefs prepare salmon, scallops, steak, chicken or tiger prawns with noodles and vegetables on an authentic ‘teppan’. Children will be in awe-struck by the rising flames – a sight they won’t forget!

Any children in the group will also be kept happy with bottomless soft drinks and there is a selection of tea, coffee, wine, beer and cocktails for the adults.

Diners at COSMO Glasgow certainly agree that COSMO Glasgow is something extra special with the restaurant receiving a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2018 for so many excellent reviews, so it’s a safe bet for a family meal.

Where to eat in Glasgow if you are a foodie

The Gannet is perfect for foodies looking for high quality food without the eye watering price tag you might find in other cities.

Chefs Ivan Stein and Peter McKenna have deserved their place in the Michelin Guide. In fact,  Conde Nast Gold List 2018 named the venue amongst the best restaurants in the world!

The interior is stripped right back with a New York, Brooklyn-style look featuring exposed bare pipes and lightbulbs, a metal staircase and contemporary art hanging on exposed brick walls – less is more here.

The menu offers dishes such as Inverness red deer, Shetland herring, Tweed valley beef and even Perthshire pigeon. For dessert, salted caramel fondant with tonka bean ice cream will melt in your mouth

The wine list is world class and guests can try extra special wine by the glass via an ingenious system that extracts the wine from the bottle without opening it!

Where to eat in Glasgow for the best kebabs

Alla-Turca won ‘Best Kebab in Scotland’ at the British Kebab Awards in 2017, so you know that this is the place to come if you are craving some  authentic Turkish food. In fact, the judges called it a ‘shining example’ of the British food scene – praise indeed!

The food is worthy of booking a table alone, yet people also come to this restaurant for the warm, magical atmosphere.

The tasting menu includes barbecued swordfish, hand dived Shetland scallops and creamy roast chestnut and mushroom casserole. The desserts are all homemade and offer the usual sweet sticky honey delicacies along with desserts such as peppermint and vanilla panna cotta with fresh berries.

Reviews online rave about this friendly family run restaurant and critics say the food and atmosphere is so authentic that they feel like they are actually in Istanbul!

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