What are the most popular Italian dishes?

Italy has a mouthwatering reputation for delicious food thanks to its strong connections to local history and traditions. From the sun-soaked beaches to the breathtaking mountainous regions – Italian food has a lot to be inspired by! Whilst pizza and gelato are definitely crowd-pleasers, there are plenty more Italian dishes you simply need to treat yourself to…

10 of the most popular Italian dishes you need to try

Love Italian food? Or perhaps you’ve only indulged in pizza and want to explore the cuisine further. Here are the top ten most popular dishes that you must tick off your food bucket list:

     1. Spaghetti alla carbonara

Italy is well-known for its tempting pasta dishes with spaghetti alla carbonara being one of the most beloved. The warm pasta paired with a rich, creamy sauce made from egg yolk, milk, cream, and cheese, peppered with salty bites of bacon make this an unforgettable classic. Being one of the most versatile pasta dishes, there are countless variations from chicken to seafood carbonara, it never gets boring!

Rome quickly became the capital of spaghetti (no wonder it’s such a popular destination!) thanks to carbonara making history with many believing it originated from Rome. 

     2. Arancini 

A tasty Sicilian dish is arancini which are delightful balls of risotto rice with meat sauce, peas, and cheese that are breaded and then fried. As with many Italian dishes, you can enjoy many variations of arancini with there even being sweet options – Nutella arancini is what dreams are made of! Not only are these risotto balls delicious but also practical, the perfect snack to munch on when exploring the streets of Sicily. 

With the exact origins of arancini veiled in mystery, it’s been thought to date way back to the 12th century when “rice balls” were breaded and fried, then brought along on long trips since they were easily transportable and filling.

     3. Pizza

No Italian food list can exist without a mention of the country’s national dish: pizza. From the classic Margherita with rich tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella and basil to the decadent meat-filled toppings of pepperoni, salami and ham, pizza is a globally-adored dish. In Italy, pizza is a work of art, from the ultra-crisp stone-baked dough with the perfect amount of chewiness to the locally-sourced tomatoes simply bursting with flavour. 

Pizza originated in Naples, with Margherita gaining popularity after the Queen of Italy, Margherita di Savoia visited Naples and loved the classic cheesy dish. 

     4. Polenta

Made from cornmeal with common additions of butter and parmesan, polenta is an unassuming dish that shouldn’t be underestimated. Served in slices to accompany meat and cheese or as a side dish with a creamy mashed potato texture, polenta is about as versatile as it gets. This hearty comfort food even has festivals dedicated to it throughout Italy, making it a must-try for any fans of Italian cuisine.

Originally, polenta was a food that became popular amongst the poor as a type of porridge. However, the wealthy soon got a taste for it and began to top their polenta with rich sauces. 

     5. Focaccia

The epitome of summer: focaccia. Moist but airy, thin and crunchy top and bottom crusts with salt and rosemary to finish. High-quality flour and olive oil are the key ingredients for delicious focaccia. The perfect addition to a summer picnic, olives and cured meats pair with the bread perfectly. The name focaccia derives from the Roman “panis focacius,” meaning “hearth bread”, as focaccia was traditionally baked in coals during Roman times.

     6. Fiorentina 

Fiorentina is a type of beef steak that originated in Florence. This thickly cut, large t-bone steak is well browned on the outside and rare on the inside, maintaining its succulent texture. The taste of the meat is really allowed to shine through as it’s only served with a sprinkle of salt and olive oil. Traditional Fiorentina steaks are taken from the loin of the Chianina breed and matured for twenty days before cooking. 

     7. Ribollita

One of the most popular Italian soups, the ribollita is a hearty dish featuring vegetables, beans, herbs, olive oil, parmesan cheese and chunks of dry bread. Ribollita was first created in Tuscany as a rural soup, popular with poorer families in the Middle Ages. These families couldn’t afford meat and so would create this soup in large quantities, mixing stale bread with leftover beans and vegetables. These days, it’s an incredibly delicious soup that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

     8. Risotto 

Another Italian dish that features on the carb hall of fame: risotto. This comforting rice dish is traditionally made using onions, wine, stock and a generous amount of parmesan cheese. Cooked lovingly on a low heat, this simple dish is truly delicious. We see countless variations of risotto now with mushrooms, seafood, vegetables, meat and much more. Creamy and rich, this versatile dish is loved around the world. Risotto originated in northern Italy back in the Middle Ages, starting with the most simple recipe of boiled rice. 

     9. Truffle 

Truffles are an Italian delicacy that are known for their unique flavour, adding a touch of opulence to a dish. Truffles are edible fungi that grow underground and can be hard to find, which is what makes them such a prized delicacy. What does truffle taste like? Like nothing you’ve ever tasted before! It’s simply something you must try. Popular Italian dishes featuring truffles include pasta, risotto and even scrambled eggs!

     10. Tiramisu 

What better way to end a meal on a high than with a generous slice of tiramisu? Rich, creamy layers of tiramisu cream (mascarpone, eggs and sugar) with Savoiardi biscuits dipped in coffee and Marsala (a liqueur wine), topped with a dusting of cocoa powder – pure bliss! The true origins of tiramisu aren’t known, with the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia both claiming that their chefs created the masterpiece. Either way, we are very grateful for the creator of the original recipe! 

Craving some authentic Italian cuisine? We don’t blame you after reading about these delicious dishes. Thankfully, you don’t have to start booking your trip to Italy just yet. The COSMO menu boasts an impressive array of authentic Italian dishes for you to enjoy. And did we mention that it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet? So you can sample all ten of these tasty dishes with ease!

What is teppanyaki?

With the rise in popularity of Japanese cuisine, you may have heard of teppanyaki. This delicious style of cooking is an authentic Japanese method that produces some very tasty dishes. Let’s explore what exactly teppanyaki is and where you can find these dishes.

What is teppanyaki? 

The word teppanyaki explains exactly what it is – ‘teppan’ means iron plate and ‘yaki’ means grilled or griddled. So, teppanyaki is food that’s cooked on a hot plate, it’s a traditional Japanese method of cooking that produces some very tasty dishes. Many different types of ingredients can be cooked using the teppanyaki method and it’s a way for chefs to put on a performance for customers, sometimes they might even carry out some impressive tricks like cracking an egg in the air! 

Entire dishes can be created using a teppanyaki grill, from searing meat to heating up broth and even cooking rice, it’s fascinating to watch.

When did teppanyaki become popular?

Whilst teppanyaki cooking began around 200 years ago in Japan, it really gained popularity just after World War II in 1945 when Americans began eating at teppanyaki restaurants as they were notoriously difficult to find before then. The first teppanyaki restaurant chain, Benihana, opened in New York in 1964. Restaurants that practised teppanyaki-style cooking were known as “Japanese steakhouses”.

What are the most common teppanyaki dishes? 

Common teppanyaki dishes are made from fresh and flavourful ingredients. Some of the most popular dishes include:


  • Zensai — an appetiser of light items such as tuna, sea urchins, fruits, vegetables, soup and salad, all made on the teppanyaki grill.


    • Okonomiyaki — a savoury pancake combined with vegetables, meats, sauces and oils on the teppanyaki.


  • Seafood — grilled prawns and scallops are commonly cooked on the teppanyaki along with crabs, lobsters, oysters and other kinds of shellfish. Tuna, salmon, mackerel and eel also taste delicious from the teppanyaki grill.


  • Meat — beef is the most common meat cooked on a teppanyaki. Premium beef such as wagyu or Omi is cooked perfectly on the grill with a rich sweetness from the grease, oil and fat. Teppanyaki cooked beef produces flavours you’ll struggle to find elsewhere other than in Japan!
  • Rice and noodles — noodles can be fried on the teppanyaki, becoming the delicious yakisoba. Rice is often cooked with an egg cracked on top, with teppanyaki chefs showing off their skills by flipping, tossing and breaking the yolk.

Which restaurants serve teppanyaki? 

Teppanyaki food is very common in plenty of Japanese restaurants all over the world. Whilst Japanese cooking is becoming more popular, these restaurants still aren’t in every town or city. This is why all you can eat buffet restaurants are a great option. Authentic world cuisine served at these restaurants includes Japanese food, in which chefs perform live cooking on teppanyaki grills.

Teppanyaki is a delicious way to experience true Japanese cuisine with it being quite the performance thanks to live cooking stations.

How to celebrate a birthday at a restaurant

Whether it’s your birthday or you’re planning someone else’s, a restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate: there’s plenty of space, delicious food and a great atmosphere – it ticks all the boxes! Let’s explore exactly how to celebrate a birthday at a restaurant and what mistakes to avoid.

How do you plan a birthday celebration at a restaurant?

Planning any form of birthday celebration can seem intimidating, so it’s important to prepare in advance to avoid any last-minute (unwelcome) surprises. Restaurants are a wonderful way to bring people together and celebrate with friends and family in one place. Let’s take a look at how to have the best birthday in a restaurant…

Take your time to choose a restaurant

Whether you’re choosing a restaurant for yourself or a loved one, it’s important you pick somewhere that can accommodate a celebration, has the right ambience and is loved by the birthday boy or girl! Most restaurants can accommodate smaller birthday celebrations but anything over ten people definitely needs to be checked in advance. The ambience is also a vital component when it comes to choosing the right restaurant for a birthday celebration. Do they like a laid-back relaxed atmosphere? Or are they a fan of a more lively party? Take this into account when picking the perfect restaurant for your party.

Decide on a menu that everyone will enjoy 

Obviously, whoever’s birthday it is should be the priority when choosing the cuisine, but having a menu that everyone will enjoy makes the celebration much more fun! This is why all you can eat buffet restaurants are a great option as they offer cuisines from all over the world, meaning there’s something for everyone to enjoy from Indian curries to sushi and British roast dinners. Not to mention the fact everyone can indulge in seconds (or thirds)! Buffet restaurants are also designed to accommodate large groups — they have a ready-made lively atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to host a birthday celebration. 

Make the restaurant aware that you’re celebrating a birthday 

Turning up to a restaurant with a large group without booking is never a good idea. So, it’s important to always book in advance in order to prevent any disasters! When booking, you can let the restaurant know that it’s for a birthday celebration, this way the restaurant can accommodate the party and might even go the extra mile to make it a special event. 

Inform your guests of the timings and dress code 

Whether you’re throwing a surprise party or not is completely up to you. However, everyone should still be fully aware of the time to turn up and what the dress code is! Some restaurants have time limits on bookings, so it’s important that everyone turns up on time to enjoy the celebrations fully. If there’s a dress code, it’s important to make sure everyone’s aware, especially for those birthday snaps!

Can you decorate a restaurant for a birthday party? 

Some restaurants will allow for decorations including balloons, banners and confetti. However, you should always have this agreed with the restaurant beforehand and follow any safety regulations in place. You may even be able to bring your own birthday cake or request that the restaurant provides one to make the celebration extra special. This is why it’s so important to let the restaurant know that it’s a birthday beforehand so that any extra requests can easily be accommodated.

Restaurant birthday parties are a wonderful way to celebrate with friends and family, making the ideal setting. If you follow the steps above, you’re on the way to enjoying a seamless birthday celebration that everyone will enjoy.

How to prepare for an all you can eat buffet

Heading to an all you can eat buffet is exciting – there’s just so much food available to you and you can try it all! However, you don’t want to end up not making the most out of your experience. This is where preparation is key…

Can you prepare for an all you eat buffet?

As strange as it sounds, you should prepare in advance for an all you can eat buffet in order to get the most out of the experience and enjoy the tasty food fully. So, here are some top tips so you can ace your next buffet visit!

Eat a light breakfast or lunch before the buffet 

You might think that attending an all you can eat buffet on an empty stomach is the right idea but it’ll actually prevent you from eating as much. When you don’t eat for a while, your stomach shrinks, meaning you feel full after eating less. So, always eat a light meal beforehand to prepare your stomach for the buffet feast!

Drink plenty of water beforehand 

It’s never a bad idea to stay hydrated and sipping on water throughout the day before your buffet can actually help you eat more and process the food better. Water can help to stretch your stomach and enable you to eat more, which is very much needed at an all you can eat buffet. All of that delicious food needs to go somewhere, which is why being hydrated is key, it helps to break down food and aids digestion.

Avoid sugary sweets before your buffet 

As tempting as it is to snack on a couple of sugary sweets, it’s not worth it as it’ll ruin your appetite – your mother was right! Sugary sweets will cause you to crave more sweet foods, meaning all of the delicious dishes on offer at a buffet won’t be fulfilling. Your appetite will be diminished and your all you can eat buffet won’t be as enjoyable. 

Keep active throughout the day

If you want to enjoy all of the tasty dishes on offer at an all you can eat buffet, then you’ll want to burn some calories beforehand so that you can eat them back without feeling full too quickly! Try to keep active or fit in a gym session before your big buffet. Not only is this good for your body but will also kickstart your metabolism, meaning you’ll be more ready than ever to chow down. 

Take small portions of each dish 

Whilst it might be tempting to load up on your one favourite dish, the whole idea of all you can eat buffet dishes is to sample new flavours. Filling your plate with a little bit of everything will keep things exciting and prevent you from filling up on pasta before sampling the delicious Chinese, Indian and European flavours! It also gives you the chance to figure out which dishes you enjoy most, so you can go back for seconds (and thirds) of your favourite flavours. This is the real way to get the most out of your buffet experience. 

Don’t eat too fast!

Having such large amounts of food on offer can trigger some people to try and eat as much as possible as quickly as possible. This isn’t the best approach as not only will you not take the time to actually taste and enjoy the food you’re eating but you could also end up overeating and making yourself feel sick. This can ruin the buffet experience. Instead, take your time to enjoy all of the delicious flavours, before going back for more! 

All you can eat buffets are designed to be enjoyed with friends and family. Focus on trying new dishes, relishing old favourites and enjoying the great company, that way, you’ll definitely get the most out of the experience!

Places to Eat in Romford

Where to eat in Romford for comfort food

For the ultimate comfort food stop in Romford, there’s no need to look any further than Toby Carvery. Home of the classic British roast, you’ll be greeted with a mouth-watering feast of hand-carved meats, fluffy Yorkshire puddings, tasty veg and heart-warming roasties. Vegans and vegetarians are welcome too with a variety of delicious dishes including a tempting roast mushroom and ale pie. Feeling adventurous? Then why not indulge in the Yorkie wraps with a mouth-watering array of fillings?! From freshly carved roast beef with a delightful beef dripping glaze to roast pork, stuffing and apple sauce, these Yorkie wraps are famous for a reason! Popping in for breakfast? Then the all you can eat breakfast spread certainly won’t disappoint. Perfect for families in Romford, Toby Carvery is warm, welcoming and the ideal place for your comfort food fix.

Where to eat in Romford for the best burgers

Sometimes you’re simply craving a juicy burger with some salted, crispy french fries. For the best burgers in Romford, Smokin’ Griddle is the place to be. For over 8 years the restaurant has been sourcing and cooking with the highest quality cuts of beef, ensuring a delicious burger each and every time. Customers can either order online and enjoy a top-notch burger from the comfort of their own home or pop into the restaurant for a cosy meal with friendly and attentive staff. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the burgers – from the Signature which features bacon, hash browns and cheese to the Black & Blue with mushrooms and blue cheese sauce. The veggie and vegan burgers are hugely popular too with delicious plant-based patties. The sides certainly won’t disappoint with skinny fries, chicken strips and mozzarella sticks, you can curate quite the feast. Don’t forget to top it off with a temptingly thick milkshake with the choice of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or banana. Perfect for a cosy movie night at home or popping in for a quick bite to eat with the family, these are burgers you won’t forget about in a hurry!

Where to eat in Romford for Turkish food

Turkish cuisine offers a rich selection of juicy grilled meats and tasty small dishes (mezes) which caters for a wide variety of tastes. For Turkish food in Romford, Mangal Meze is certain to satisfy. The welcoming atmosphere greets you the moment you walk in with warm Turkish hospitality and cosy, stylish decor. Customers are spoilt for choice with the extensive menu from hot and cold starters including creamy houmous and fresh falafel, to the tasty kebabs with the iconic lamb doner with succulent slow-cooked meat, to chicken shish charred over charcoal. Mangal Meze uses only the freshest, most traditional Turkish ingredients for its delicious dishes. Customers can choose to eat in and soak up the warm atmosphere but make sure you book early as it’s extremely popular! Or, you can enjoy Turkish food from the comfort of your own home with the takeaway service. Perfect for couples, groups and families, Mangal Meze welcomes all.

Where to eat in Romford with the family

Eating out with the family can cause some drama – the kids want pizza, mum wants sushi whilst dad fancies a curry, where do you go?! COSMO Authentic World Kitchen, that’s where! The perfect solution for large groups and families, COSMO offers an all you can eat world buffet featuring dishes from India, China, Britain, Italy and so much more. Authentic cuisine is produced by expert chefs with traditional ingredients and cooking methods. Kids will love watching the professionals at work with the live cooking stations, showing you how the tasty food is prepared and offering an exciting atmosphere. A common family favourite is Chinese and COSMO’s generous buffet won’t disappoint. From Peking duck with tangy plum sauce to chow mein with moreish noodles and fresh vegetables. Or, if you’re after an authentic Indian, the creamy chicken korma and fluffy naan bread will go down a treat. You won’t want to skip dessert either with indulgent cheesecakes, light trifles and creamy ice cream. The perfect location for families, COSMO brings a lively atmosphere with food for absolutely every craving.

Where to eat in Romford for afternoon tea

After a morning of shopping and exploring the area, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing cup of tea and a cake. Small Talk Tearooms is the place to visit for an exquisite afternoon tea in Romford. The beautiful antique decor will instantly draw you in, transporting you back to a time when afternoon tea was very much a daily affair in Britain. The food menu extends far beyond cakes and scones with a delicious breakfast selection including a hearty full English and a classic eggs benedict. The lunch options boast a tempting smoked salmon platter, jacket potatoes and toasted baguettes for a filling pitstop. If you’ve come for the afternoon tea experience, Small Talk Tearooms won’t let you down. The full afternoon tea features a stunning selection of finger sandwiches, freshly baked delicate cakes, scones with jam and clotted cream and, of course, a pot of tea (or coffee). The tea selection is extensive from classic black teas to fruit infusions, including Granny’s Garden which offers a delightful blend of elderberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and much more. 

Where to eat in Liverpool

Where to eat in Liverpool for breakfast 

The much-loved Luca is an Italian restaurant that has earnt some incredible reviews. The eatery was built on passion for food, and features Italian classics along with Italian ‘small plates’, inspired by cicheti, small dishes of authentic Venetian delicacies. If you’re looking for somewhere special to eat breakfast in Liverpool this is the place. Of course Luca serves traditional breakfast favourites, such as the English and vegan breakfasts. But if you want something different, try Luca’s Italian twists on breakfast faves, such as the panettone french toast, with amaretto maple syrup, seasonal fruit compote and whipped mascarpone. Or perhaps you want to try the satisfying breakfast sandwich, with sausage, bacon, fried eggs and mozzarella, served on olive-oil rich focaccia… alternatively there’s the ‘nduja scrambled egg on artisan sourdough with chilli agrodolce and mascarpone… it’s going to be hard to choose!

Where to eat in Liverpool if you‘re vegetarian or vegan

Bohemian, relaxed and so much more than delicious food, The Egg Cafe is one of the favourite vegetarian restaurants in Liverpool. They serve comfort vegetarian and vegan food with a wholesome, homemade vibe. While you enjoy the food you can admire the panoramic views of the city and the cafe’s independent art gallery. The cafe is also community-spirited and the perfect meeting place and hangout, with a calendar of organised events to enjoy. The entire menu is plant-based and many dishes are vegan and gluten and dairy free. How about trying one of their famous spicy bean burgers with some homemade lemonade and a large slice of cake? And if you’re there on a sunday, you can opt for their vegan nut roast with all the trimmings and seasonal vegetables. It’s worth noting that they sell beer and wine, or you can BYO, just paying £2 per person for corkage. So if you have a special bottle of something in your cupboard at home, you can bring it along!

Where to eat in Liverpool for traditional English cuisine

The cool and sultry Hanover Street Social is part of a group of restaurants under Salt House Hospitality Group; a group of hugely successful and sophisticated restaurants in Liverpool. Their formula clearly gets things right; seeking to go that extra mile for each and every customer. The interior is cool and alluring, with filament bulbs, velvet curtains and bistro tables. And the food is designed to live up to the Salt House group’s excellent reputation. They serve some comforting British classics that will make your mouth water. Examples include: chicken, leek and mushroom pot pie with chips with mushy peas, or crisp pork belly with sautéed new potatoes, caramelised onions, buttered green beans, cauliflower purée and red wine jus. British faves are also on offer on the pudding menu  including the ever-popular sticky toffee pudding and a selection of Cheshire farm ice cream.

Where to eat in Liverpool for a unique dining experience

If you’re wondering where to eat in Liverpool for a unique dining experience, head to COSMO Authentic World Kitchen. The talented team of chefs at COSMO create over 100 dishes every day, with eight different cuisines, served in a buffet style. Diners can choose from Chinese, Japanese sushi or Teppanyaki, Indian, Italian, Continental, a Mediterranean deli, a tasting kitchen and a carvery. There are unlimited courses, just for one set price. But COSMO is not just about the food (as delicious as it is), the whole experience is enjoyable. There are live cooking stations, mouth-watering aromas, visually appealing food displays (from beautifully presented sushi to deletable chocolate fountains). And not forgetting COSMO’s robots Bella and Hola who can guide you to your table, assist staff members and even sing ‘Happy Birthday’!

Where to eat in Liverpool if you love steak

Beef lovers unite! For the finest quality steak, you have to try Cowshed. Each different cut of meat has an optimum cooking method to achieve the best flavour and tenderness. The expert staff members are able to advise you on how each steak should be cooked to ensure you enjoy the best. The steak here is clearly the star of the show, but while waiting for your succulent steak to cook, you can graze on some, er, more beef, such as Gold Standard Wagyu Biltong or Platinum Edition Wagyu Jerky. Or you can mix things up and try some moreish brie, mozzarella and truffle bread, with chopped walnuts and red wine syrup. They’ve also got some heavenly veggie sides like savoy cabbage and kale in spiced bacon cream to accompany your steak…mmmh…

Where to eat in Newcastle

Where to eat in Newcastle for fine dining

If you’re looking for the highest quality food and a memorable meal, look no further than the Michelin-starred House of Tides. Your fine dining experience will be expertly curated as soon as you enter the building. The building itself is a beautiful 16th century merchant’s house with views over the River Tyne that Kenny and Abbie Atkinson (husband and wife) restored. A professional chef for over 20 years, Kenny is Chef Patron and his tasting menu is a dazzling display of culinary creativity that’ll delight your senses. Kenny’s culinary success has led to him becoming a familiar face on TV (including winning The Great British Menu for two years in a row and appearances on ITV’s Saturday Morning, Islands to Highlands and BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen, to name a few). So you can rest assured that you’re in good hands and that the highest quality ingredients are used and locally sourced. Examples of delicacies on the seasonal tasting menu include venison tartare with caviar, smoked beetroot and lovage, or turnip ravioli with hispi cabbage, toasted hazelnuts and chives.

Where to eat in Newcastle for Italian cuisine 

If you want to travel to Sardinia but your bank account is telling you otherwise, then a visit to Pani’s Cafe to sample traditional Sardinian food is the next best thing. Try some malloreddus (Sardinia’s famous pasta shape) which scoops up the flavoursome sauces perfectly. Or enjoy tasting some different tapas bites or their impressive bottarga con spaghetti (salted and dried tuna or grey mullet roe). If you’re bored of the usual pizza and pasta choices in Italian restaurants, then this is a cafe where you can try new flavours and textures and smell rich aromas. While the food could be described as rustic and warm, the ambience matches. You’ll be welcomed — and that warmth is genuine. 

Where to eat in Newcastle for British cuisine 

Fancy some British cuisine and want to splash out? Then Peace & Loaf is your place. This innovative restaurant promises fine dining without the pomp. It’s won two AA Rosettes and a mention in the Michelin guide, so you know that you’re in for a treat. The food is served in seasonal tasting menus and offers an inventive take on traditional British cuisine using locally sourced produce. This genius comes from renowned Head Chef Dave Coulson. And for vegetarians who don’t want to eat another dry goat’s cheese parcel; you’re sure to be wowed at Peace & Loaf because their veggie options are just as exciting and can be adapted for vegans if you ask. As the tasting menus are seasonal, they are subject to change, but expect Peace & Loaf takes on traditional British fare in a mini size. For example ‘fish, chips and mushy peas’ in a croquette, seasoned with chip-shop curry sauce and salt. British bite-sized heaven.

Where to eat in Newcastle for a special occasion 

COSMO Authentic World Kitchen is a stylish 160-seat restaurant and bar located on Newgate Street, with a lavish interior inspired by five-star hotels. This all you can eat buffet is the perfect place for a special occasion. If you’re celebrating in a large group, the buffet will cater for everyone’s different preferences and dietary needs. And no complicated party bill splitting at the end: you pay a fixed price for a delicious and unlimited amount of food including Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Mediterranean and a wide array of spectacular desserts. There’s nothing worse than choosing a restaurant for a special occasion but there’s no atmosphere. COSMO is always buzzing, and to add to the excitement, there are live cooking stations, showcasing the talents of the highly skilled chefs. Don’t forget that there’s champagne to pop and cocktails to sample on the drinks menu so you can celebrate in style.

Where to eat in Newcastle for a street food experience 

For a Thai street food experience, without actually being on a Bangkok street, head to Zaap Thai. But how does that work? The clever team at Zaap Thai have created a fully immersive experience. And they think of everything: the sights, the smells, the tastes. You can eat your street food inside a tuk-tuk while surrounded by a feast for your eyes: the brightly coloured and visually appealing Thai decor. And the street food lives up to the fabulous decor. The menu has so many dishes to choose from you’ll have to keep coming back to try them all. They include exciting and well-loved dishes like som tam, the ‘Queen of Thai street food’, a spicy papaya salad with dried prawns, peanuts, raw crab and fermented fish. Or the famous Thai street food snack — deep-fried sliced banana in sweet crispy batter. Just like on a Thai street, you can watch your food order being made as there is an open kitchen. The drinks menu is just as extensive and includes fun bubble teas in many different flavours and combinations. 

Best Restaurants in Bournemouth

Where to eat in Bournemouth for a sea view

Overlooking Bournemouth Beach, the sea view is spectacular from WestBeach. And their story is pretty incredible: the brothers who own WestBeach used to sell melons to tourists along the promenade when they were children. Fast-forward to adulthood and the restaurant unit on the beachfront came up for tender, so they jumped at the chance. Their instinct was right, because they created a hugely successful restaurant from humble beginnings. And in 2007, their restaurant was awarded by Seafresh best Seafood restaurant in England. WestBeach is the perfect setting to eat fresh fish. And it’s all caught from the local waters around Bournemouth and Poole. If you fancy an early morning walk on the beach, finish it with WestBeach crab benedict and avocado on toast and soak in that view!

Where to eat in Bournemouth if you‘re vegetarian or vegan

Although The Coconut Tree is not specifically a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, there are so many delectable vegan options on the menu that you will find it hard to choose! The mango curry Amba Maluwa is a taste sensation: tangy, sweet and sour. The striking flavour comes from using unripe mango which is softened in the coconut sauce. Or how about the kale and radish sambol: fresh kale tossed with onion, grated coconut, tomatoes and lime. The puddings are just as exciting. Try the vegan stracciatella (hand-crafted chocolate-chip ice cream) or creamy raspberry ripple mousse with a fresh compote base, topped with a dusting of chilli. 

Where to eat in Bournemouth for an all you can eat buffet

For those times when you have different food cravings and dietary requirements within your dining party (pretty much every time!) then head to COSMO, a world buffet restaurant offering a variety of different cuisines on an ‘all you can eat’ basis. The restaurant interior is stylish with a bronze colour scheme and ambient lighting. Whether you fancy a roast, Chinese, Indian, Japanese or Italian — it’s all here. Plus, the live cooking stations make the experience theatrical; the COSMO chefs will wow you with their skills. Dessert is also a very personal choice — have you ever felt obliged not to order a dessert as your fellow diners aren’t ‘pudding people’? Well at COSMO, it won’t feel strange to all choose different food or drinks to end the meal. Cheesecake, profiteroles, a dip in the chocolate fountain, some fresh fruit or jasmine tea, whatever you fancy. And the drinks are plentiful: cocktails, beer, wine, champagne, soft drinks… They’ll be something for everyone. 

Where to eat in Bournemouth for fish and chips

Once voted Britain’s best fish and chip shop, Chez Fred maintains its excellent reputation. Since opening in 1989, the well-loved chippie has been run by three generations of the Capel family who offer their customers the nation’s best fish and chips along with a warm welcome. The sustainable fish is covered with an inimitable batter (Fred’s recipe remains top secret!) And the chips are done to perfection. In fact, if you are eating in, the chips are ‘bottomless’ so you can eat as many as you like! 

Where to eat in Bournemouth with kids

El Murrino, you had us at ‘iPad bar’! Yes, there is such a thing, and it’s here at El Murrino. An iPad bar that has been purposefully created for entertaining your kids. Along with iPads, they have plenty of mouth-watering pizza. So essentially, El Murrino is kid (and adult) heaven. The pizza isn’t just any pizza either, it’s hand-stretched using slow-rising dough and authentic Italian ingredients. There are also some delicious pasta and risotto dishes on the menu. And this family-run gem has an open kitchen so you can see your order being skillfully created. They even have a bambino menu, which your children’s faves are sure to be on. And with a pudding on offer like Nutella pizza served with strawberries to finish…this will probably become a regular haunt! 


Despite being forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have still been busy in the kitchen preparing hot meals for frontline workers in hospitals and care homes across the UK.

As of 19th June, COSMO delivered over 5,000 meals to NHS staff in hospitals and cares homes across Derby, Glasgow, Manchester and Oxford. 

We Launched on 23rd April 2020

COSMO temporarily closed its doors to customers in March but our much-loved restaurant made 50 free hot meals a day for doctors and nurses in the critical care departments in Glasgow (Leverndale Hospital), Manchester (Salford Royal Hospital) and Oxford (John Radcliffe Hospital) for just over 2 months. In Derby (Tree Tops Care Home), we provided 30 meals a day, 2 days a week.

Our restaurant’s chefs decided to return to the restaurant from 23rd April 2020 to show their support for NHS staff as they battle through extraordinary long shifts in exceptional situations.

This is our way of saying ‘THANK YOU’

Our spokesman Kan Koo said: “Keyworkers across the country are going above and beyond the call of duty everyday and we really wanted to do something to support them.

“This is our contribution to the huge community effort occurring all over the country. Cosmo has always offered a discount to NHS staff and this is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for the work everyone is doing.

“We hope it gives staff a little morale boost to know that we are thinking of them and that a hot hearty meal gives them the energy to face their shifts with renewed vigour.

OVER 5,000 FREE MEALS Delivered Straight to our Frontline

We delivered a variety of 50 tasty oriental and Indian dishes straight to our frontline heroes daily, totalling over 5,000 meals by 19th June 2020.

“Our hard working staff have been incredibly grateful to COSMO for donating such delicious meals”

Julie Heath, Treetops chief executive said: “We want to say a huge thank you to everyone at COSMO Derby for this incredibly kind offer.  It was so, so lovely to receive the meals! Our staff are working tirelessly to ensure we can continue to support the most vulnerable patients and their families in the local communities and this is such a boost to morale. It means they can take a delicious meal home to enjoy at the end of the day. We look forward to a long and positive relationship in the future.”

Spokesperson for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Lorraine Dick, said: “We are extremely grateful to everyone offering a range of supports to our health and social care workers. There is a lot of goodwill at this extremely challenging time and we are overwhelmed by people’s generosity.”

Glen Bland, from the Scottish Ambulance Service, said: “On behalf of the Scottish Ambulance Service throughout the Glasgow region and beyond, can I pass on our genuine thanks to all the people involved who donated meals for our front line staff.”

Dr Pete Turkington, chief officer and medical director at Salford Royal, said: “We continue to be overwhelmed by the outpouring of support by the local community and businesses who have been so generous with their donations for our staff during these incredibly challenging times. Our hard working staff have been incredibly grateful to COSMO for donating such delicious meals for them to enjoy while they are on shift. A huge thank you to all at Cosmo.”

Feeding parents of ill children for free in Oxford

Zoe Pooley, Oxford Children’s Hospital matron said: “Children and babies in hospital have been able to have only one parent by their side, but because of the isolation, and the fact that normal restaurants and facilities haven’t been open we needed to find new ways to support them.

“The Oxford Hospitals Charity team came up with a solution and have worked with Cosmo to bring fifty meals in every day for the parents across the Children’s Hospital and newborn areas.”

She added: “We are incredibly grateful for this support, and so appreciate Cosmo thinking of us and providing healthy balanced meals over the past few weeks.”

Ms Pooley said hospital staff and the families have been ‘really touched’ by the kind act, saying: “The support from the whole local community, working with our hospital charity, has meant the world to hospital staff and the patients we care for. Thank you.”

This is our Contribution to the Huge Community Effort Across the Country

We hope all our lovely customers have stayed safe during this time and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Kids can eat for just £1 at COSMO Derby – with the proceeds going to Derby County Community Trust

At COSMO we have always been proud to demonstrate our social responsibility, especially by being an active part of the community and supporting local charities.

COSMO Derby are supporting Derby County Community Trust (DCCT) who use the longstanding reputation of Derby County Football Club to improve lives through sport, physical activity and education. Their specially designed programmes raise the hopes and aspirations of people living in Derby.

DCCT run physical activities for disabled people and those suffering with mental health issues. Their most recent initiative is Team Talk – free sessions held across Derby where men can talk about their mental health to trained professionals.

They also fundraise for the award-winning ‘Rams in Kenya’ which is an annual trip the Trust makes to the slums of Nakuru in Kenya. Volunteers from DCCT aim to improve the facilities at five partner schools.


How you can get involved

Youngsters can eat for just £1 at COSMO Derby next month – with the proceeds going to DCCT.

COSMO Derby is proudly launching ‘Charity Tuesdays’ on September 10 with every £1 being donated to the Trust.

Ahead of the launch of Charity Tuesday, COSMO Derby will welcome Derby County mascot Rammie to their city centre restaurant. Rammie will be at COSMO Derby during lunch on Friday, August 30 to the delight of young fans.

COSMO Derby Maitre d’, Wee K Goh, said: 

“Derby County Community Trust is a magnificent charity which does some incredible work. We hope this is the beginning of a long relationship with them.

Our Kids Eat for £1 initiative last year, where our chosen charity was When You Wish Upon A Star, worked very well and we’re hoping for similar success with Derby County Community Trust. 


We are long-established partners of Derby County Football Club – and offer season ticket holders 10% off their meal at COSMO – and so it was a natural progression to work with the charity arm of the club.”


At COSMO, we make sure that all our restaurants are welcoming to families and we offer dishes which are attractive to all different tastes. Children will love the independence of a banqueting restaurant where they can help themselves and parents will love this special offer!


The COSMO Derby Charity Tuesdays will run until November 19 and their aim is to raise as much money as possible for DCCT. Every child eating at COSMO Derby must be accompanied by one full paying adult and the offer applies to Tuesday lunchtimes and evenings.


Simon Carnall, Derby County Community Trust’s Head of Community, said:

 “We are delighted with the support from COSMO. It’s a pleasure to work with them and we can’t thank them enough. Every donation helps us to continue to bring our wide range of projects – such as Team Talk and Rams in Kenya – to the people of Derby.”


We are thankful at COSMO to have an incredible opportunity to make lives better through fundraising for charities. We also have the chance to engage with the lovely people who visit our restaurants, which provides a fantastic way to spread messages about the charities we are working with.

For more information on Derby County Community Trust please visit: